About Us

Our mission is to bring joy to the simple things in life.
Today’s world is wildly fast-paced and increasingly mobile. Work and Life balance has blurred, and unfortunately, we tend to overlook the details that make our lives wonderful. At Peekaboo, we believe that it’s time for all of us to collectively take a deep breath. Let’s spend a moment to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life.
The path to rediscovery has changed our way of thinking. It led us to reimagine products in a more playful manner. We strive to create products that are functional and whimsical. We believe that the best products bring a smile to your face.
We try our best to create affordable, high-quality products. We reinvest in our business to minimize our impact on the planet. Peekaboo finds fulfillment in helping our community look and feel good.



The Peekaboo brand is the brainchild of two Miami entrepreneurs stuck in quarantine. It all started with them using their skill set to design premium masks that could be made locally in South Florida. With the help of the community, Peekaboo Masks quickly became the best-selling face-covering at Whole Foods and gained national praise. 



Now, a year later the masks business has evolved into a company with multiple products that are sold at Whole Foods Markets, through partners and online.